Dedicated to culinary excellence (and inclusion) the café for contemporary art strives to provide the community with the best products possible.  With this in mind we have been proud to serve coffee from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters since opening in 2009. We currently offer a variety of delicious tacos and burritos. Please check out the menu and feel free to call for pick up. We’re also your friendly neighbourhood provider of Erin Ireland’s It’s To Die For Banana Bread, various fresh baked, gluten-free muffins and cookies from Two Daughter’s Bake Shop, a selection of quality teas and so much more :)

If you would like to check out our menu or pre-order tacos before you come down (778-340-3379), here it is:

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(FYI, our coffee order comes in each Wednesday, so if you are looking for a bag of 49th’s freshest roast, Wednesday afternoon is a great time to come by and get it!)