Group Exhibition: on the Waterfront

Once a centre for the shipbuilding and marine-related industries, and earlier a rich estuary providing sustenance to residents, North Vancouver’s waterfront continues to evolve in tandem with the needs and inclinations of the ever-changing local social, political and economic forces as they respond to these same forces coming in from regional, national and international sources. As seen from the vantage point of the café for contemporary art, On the Waterfront takes a snapshot of the dynamic, recent community conversations that have taken place regarding the North Vancouver’s waterfront. A meditation on the relationship between discourse and the real-world manifestation of ideas, this exhibition questions how these discussions have and continue to interact with the shaping of the waterfront’s physical landscape.

There are a number of works ranging from early 20th century footage of maritime infill and the construction of the Low Level Road, to photography works by local artists, which have touched upon documenting the process of transition and evolution of the waterfront area. These still and moving images evoke feelings of nostalgia for earlier forms while offering a glimpse into what has recently been thrown into a season of transition.

The show also includes a number of public art proposals, put forth by the local public with regards to ongoing developments in the waterfront area. The inclusion of these ideas and proposals document a public’s conversation with urban transformation.

The exhibition includes works by the following: Scott August, Marie Berg, Marcus Bowcott, Grace Gordon-Collins, Sandra Grant, Arata Hatanaka, Steven Hubert, Sofia Novikova, Tyler Russell, Russell Thornton and the North Van Urban Forum.