Main Gallery: Bits by Agam Darshi

From July 22 to August 12, Agam Darshi presented and eclectic collection of paintings, object boxes and videos that she had produced over the previous two years. Arising from random, mundane muses the result was a confluence of BITS from her everyday life re-constituted in the form of this multi-media exhibition. While the paintings portrayed an array of people the artist encountered or imagined, the objects boxes were playful representations of emotional states. Her video work arose from a habit filming her feet as she walked through cities or went on road trips.

Agam Darshi is an esteemed actor, director, and aspiring visual artist with a keen interest in questions of representation and the role of the media in the construction of social norms and the mechanics of audience engagement. Best known for her roles in various TV shows including Syfy network’s Sanctuary and CTV’s Dan for Mayor, Agam has a broad cultural practice ranging from writing to event organisation to performance. In the summer of 2011, giving venue to discussions of representation in and of South Asian film, particularly non-Bollywood film, Agam co-directed the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival and Symposium. In April 2012 she participated in a performance of Ajay Kapur and Michael Darling’s Karmetic Machine Orchestra at Los Angeles’ prestigious Roy and Edna Disney/CALARTS Theatre (REDCAT). She is currently working on a new film project to be released sometime in 2013.